An informative and witty book on divorce. The author gives advice and tips on navigating the waters of divorce. As a recent widower, many parts resonated with me as well. The sudden uprooting of a marriage is not easy. The author speaks with charm and grace about a difficult subject. A must read for "Grey Divorcees".


What a surprise. Who could be happy when divorced after 56 years? And yet, the author, Brenda Frank, has found her path from sadness to joy. This is an intelligent, witty and very insightful book. I laughed and I nearly cried. This book isn't just for the divorced either. It should be a must read for anyone who is (as I am) a "senior" and now retired...looking towards the latter part of my life with some trepidation. There are many ingenious guidelines to finding your happiness at this age, and perhaps at any age. I recommend this book to young and old. It's a winner.

Sandy Schussel

Hope for women who have a means of support and who were married a long time ago to someone who is no longer the partner he was back then. Frank shares some wonderful life stories, including the joy she found in the aftermath of a 56-year marriage.

Paul Kip

Tongue-in-cheek humor in the beginning of the book to an underlying serious appraisal of a situation where one's life is turned upside down without any warning. Brenda turned a catastrophe into a positive and fulfilling lifestyle.Good for her!

Stanley B. Greenfield

What a great read and it should be required reading for anyone whose relationship is a bit shaken, or everyone who wants their relationship to remain solid. I enjoyed the author's humor and also the real message that the book had. It's an easy read but will leave you with some questions that we all need to answer for ourselves.

Amazon Customer

I just read this book and I am in the process of re-reading it. I enjoyed reading it very much. I am in the author's age group and length of marriage. In other words, I can relate to many things in the book especially with the time period. The author gives a detailed account of her struggles through her life and what she faced with divorce at after 56 years. She really opens her life story. You just don't hear of many divorces after so many years. Or many marriages lasting that long! It caught me completely by surprise. Younger marrieds can even relate to her story as divorce is so becoming much more common. I found the book to be interesting, informative, funny, and very sad in places.

magdiel padron

Like... It showed how life is!!!!