I have earned the right to give advice.  I was well trained to be a salesperson when I was 16 years old.  G. Fox & Co. in Hartford, Ct. was, at that time the largest privately owned department store in the country. In order to start selling,  all new employees were sent to a training class.  We learned how to give change. I realize that’s not very important today as long as the power is on and the register spews out the amount  that everyone assumes is correct. How many cashiers know how to do that?  We learned how to approach a customer with style and  confidence,  to assist them, and so much more, that to this day, everything I learned.

I was a wife for fifty-six years. The twenty year itch besot a husband whose success went to his head and was taken in by a California woman whose relative, a minor  celebrity , turned his head.  He didn’t follow through with their plans to get married, all the while leading two lives, one in California, and with his family, in New York. Our two boys grew up and out, becoming successful men.

Fast forward to selling handmade pewter figurines, original wooden toys, and fine art  at craft shows, working as medical assistant and then real estate in Scarsdale, New York.  While living in Manhattan from 1982-88 I managed a country singer, Ezze, and the Manhattan Bay Trading Company,  led by  Sammy Fields a well-known song writer and par excellence musician.  I secured for them a weekly gig at Dallas Bar-b-que on W. 74 St. as well as an open mic opportunity at O’Malley’s, on the east side of NYC, that was called. C.O.W.; an acronym for Country-On-Wednesdays.  All of this was accomplished while maintaining my top  real estate agent status, selling co-ops on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.

From the beginning, I have been dealing with people from every walk of life and ascertained  how life is lived on every level, from very low incomes to the highest strata.

I have seen it all. I have witnessed the way people respond to life as newlyweds, and  coping with babies and children, while investing in real estate. This experience brings out the best and worst in people, due to the emotions involved in buying and selling what may be their most valuable asset.  These transactions, many times,   are life altering.  I dealt with them all.  I heard their joys, sorrows and fears. Am I qualified to give advice? Yes. I can go on and even slightly encouraged, will  do so.  B.