Divorced After 56 Years

Why am I sooo happy?

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You’ve been served! How many people do you know, married fifty-six years, and at the age of 75, have been served divorce papers? OK…but at a New Year’s Eve party? From that chilling humiliation, and the dissolution of my marriage, derived, Divorced After 56 Years, Why Am I Sooo Happy? The start of the new year began the start of a new me. From that time forward, I learned and earned the right to give advice, with a smattering of zing, a touch of spice, and my own style of humor.

Table of Contents

1 What People Are Saying

2 Dedication

3 Intro

4 Grandma Moses

1 Where Do I Begin

2 First Meeting

3 In the Begining

4 Computer Lesson

One tip I learned is to not tell all, but to add more than a hint of mystery, a wicked knowing smile, while giving no explanations. This will drive your frenemies crazy, as they meet to eat and chew you up and spit you out over their salads at lunch..

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Brenda Frank was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in West Hartford. At the age of 12, I started babysitting and have worked ever since. Married right out of high school, at the age of 18, and then, long story short, moved from Brookline, Mass. to Florida, New York, and back to Florida, with steps and stops along the way. I’m the proud mother of two sons, and Grammy to one beautiful granddaughter. I became a Realtor in the 1970’s and after 40 years of being a top agent in Westchester County, the Upper Westside of NYC, and South Florida, I am looking for an exit sign...

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What a great read and it should be required reading for anyone whose relationship is a bit shaken, or everyone who wants their relationship to remain solid. I enjoyed the author’s humor and also the real message that the book had. It’s an easy read but will leave you with some questions that we all need to answer for ourselves.
Stanley B. Greenfield

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Buy the printed book for $7.95
Buy the ebook for $1.99